Why is continuous learning important as we age?

Got to keep learning!

Got to keep learning!

As an adult educator teaching both mandatory and business courses, I find that the candidates fall into two different fields of thought:  I want to learn so that I can continue to grow, improve and move up in my career field; or – I am here because I have to be.

Yes, it is true that many jobs demand continuous learning from their employees, even if it is to just keep up with regulations and technology but as an individual it is important for adults to continue the learning process as it keeps the brain young and engaged.

On the medical/physical side of matters learning causes the brain to build new internal connections between brain cell assemblies. The more connections that are made the more agile the brain becomes assisting us to recall information faster, picking up new concepts and developing new ideas.

The more we learn the more agile the brain function and the more productive we are as a person and as a company asset.

In the end the majority of candidates have a great time learning new information, relating it to their current or past situations and, for the latter group, finding that in the end, it is not so bad to be in the classroom.