Safety Justifies Anything and Everything

This is a great article written by Dr Robert Long, from

A guest writer for Riskex, regarding Zero Harm and whether the means really does justify the end.

“Once we have the safety moral high ground we can offend anyone, because we care about them? Once I have this moral high ground I can manipulate data for my own ends, I can police others, crusade and oppress others because, in the name of care, I must drive as hard as I can for the absolute goal of zero.

Isn’t it strange how the quest for safety is used to justify all range of unethical practice. As long as we put the intention and words of safety in front of some practice or some idea, we are somehow allowed to bully, intimidate, manipulate, overpower and say anything offensive, as long as we speak the sacred unchallenged words of safety.

Isn’t it strange how someone in some moral tirade about caring for lives then bullies people into submission because ‘it’s good for them’. Isn’t it odd that safety has now achieved such unchallenged power in the workplace that it justifies dominating others, ‘saving people from themselves’ and hitting anyone over the head with a verbal assault, because people are dying at work.”


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