About us

Elska Group, as an organization, is quality driven: With over 25 year’s extensive experience in the manufacturing, food safety, first aid and fire sectors. Our highly skilled instructors complete ongoing training to ensure our clients are advised and taught the correct information at all times.

All First Aid and Fire Safety trainers are not just professional teachers the majority are members of the Ambulance Service and other emergency services. They deliver factual training based on current guidelines and most importantly experience. This ensures you are being taught by a professional that has actually done in real terms what they are teaching you.

Our aim is to understand you and your business environment thoroughly. Working in partnership with you, we shape our expertise to your needs. Elska Group will provide a full spectrum of training capabilities; including flexible learning solutions, that target different learning and experience levels and language requirements.

We are committed to creating strong and continuous improvement in human performance within your organization. We create a smart partnership with you to fully understand your unique business and will tailor your training programs to the levels that best suit your environment.

We believe so strongly in our commitment to you that we recognise your commitment to us and we reward you for your loyalty.


  • Juli worked with us to enable us to receive the manual handling training we needed to blend with our environment.  It was up to date, informative, interactive and presented with lots of humour.  All around a pleasure to do business with.
    Training ManagerBluebird Care