Emergency First Aid Course for Schools

Duration: 6 hours

How would you like to learn first aid from a trainer that has actually done what they are teaching you? Our Emergency First Aid for Schools course is based on the OFQUAL approved Emergency First Aid at Work course but has been more applicable for the School environment. We all know accidents are going to happen where children are concerned, but do we all know what to do when it goes wrong? The course is not just about Resuscitation but also about dealing with common school injuries like nose bleeds, cuts and bumped heads with confidence.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is designed to meet the first aid requirements of those who look after children and young people in a school environment.

What will I learn?

See our full manual below for a comprehensive look at what is on offer during the Emergency first aid for schools course. The basic syllabus is;

  • Roles and responsibilities of a first aider
  • First aid kit information and equipment
  • Aims and priorities of first aid
  • Primary assessment and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation for the adult, child (appropriate to the age of children you look after) casualty
  • The Recovery Position
  • Choking
  • How to deal with minor, major bleeding and shock
  • Dealing with seizures
  • Identifying childhood illnesses and other medical conditions

Emergency First Aid for Schools and is valid for 3 years.

What is the qualification?

OFSTED and National Care guidelines.

Who will I be taught by?

Our trainers are not just professional teachers.  The majority are members of the Ambulance Service and other emergency services. They deliver factual training based on current guidelines and most importantly experience. This ensures you are being taught by a professional that has actually done in real terms what they are teaching you.